Brigitte G. Dutil, ATR, LPCC, LMFT
LGBT Family Services
The LGBT community continues to face challenges and prejudice.  It is important for service
providers to know and understand how these difficulties can negatively impact us, our
families, and friends. I provide a safe, compassionate, and nurturing environment to help
clients feel better able to share their thoughts, fears, and goals.  

As a Psychotherapist, Parenting Plan Coordinator, Collaborative Divorce Coach & Child
Specialist, and Family Mediator - I assist people in reaching an agreement or settlement when
terminating a relationship, addressing post-relationship issues, or establishing parental and/or
custodial agreements.

Once the parties reach a written agreement, this written agreement has the same
enforceability as a court ordered judgment.  As a Professional Consultant I educate and
support other professionals when they are interacting or working with an LGBT client in their
practice.  Such consulting can be initiated by you or the professional.
  • Minimize the financial and emotional cost of a separation,
    divorce, or parenting / custody dispute.
  • Focus on the children’s well-being, providing education and
    knowledge of child developmental needs.
  • Allow one to maintain personal dignity and privacy.
Parenting Plan Coordination, Collaborative Divorce, Family
Mediation will:
Family Mediator, Collaborative Divorce Professional
Parenting Plan Coordinator, Psychotherapist

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist LMFT42451
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor LPCC462
Registered Art Therapist ATR05-022