Brigitte G. Dutil, ATR, LPCC, LMFT
Parenting Plan Coordination (same as Special Mastering) is a child‐focused,
alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process in which the Parenting Plan
Coordinator (PPC) holds quasi‐judicial authority, and related immunity.

PPC is generally used to help parents in high conflict to reduce conflict and
make decisions in carrying out their parenting plan that has already been court
ordered, and the PPC monitors compliance with the details of the parenting
plan. The PPC reports to the court and, therefore, Parenting Plan Coordination
is a non‐confidential process. In addition, there is no confidentiality between

When disputes arise between parents, either or both parents may contact the
PPC. The PPC will hear both sides and attempt to facilitate a resolution, and if
this process does not result in agreement, the PPC then functions as an
arbitrator and makes a decision, by which both parents will be bound.

In addition to decision‐making, the PPC teaches parents the skills of effective
decision‐making and communication, parallel parenting and co‐parenting, as
well as providing education in child development and age appropriate

The PPC does not address issues that are not initiated by the parents, other
than to briefly discuss the issue and to provide informal recommendations;
however, the PPC can make referrals as he/she determines necessary. The
PPC may also function within the role of a case‐manager depending upon the
parent’s needs.
Parenting Plan Coordinator
Family Mediator, Collaborative Divorce Professional
Parenting Plan Coordinator, Psychotherapist

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist LMFT42451
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor LPCC462
Registered Art Therapist ATR05-022
For more information please see:

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) Guidelines for Parenting Coordination